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1976: Opened our first tableware store.
1984: Started small scale production for hospitality.
1992: Founded Porland.
1993: Became the first company to receive TSI 10850 Quality Certificate among the porcelain industry.
1994: Began our leap in international fields and made our first export.
1996: Broadcasted the first ever television commercial of the
industry domestically.
1996: Established our facility in Bilecik.


1997: Started waste management practices and established our
treatment facility in Bilecik.
2000: Manufactured Turkey's first colored porcelain.
2003: Started trading complimentary products for tableware.
2005: Received the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems Certificate.


2006: Received the British Quality Standard BS 4034 British Hotelware Quality Certificate.
2007: Received the OHSAS 18001 : 1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Certificate.
2010: included textile range to complement our retail stores and hospitality customers.
2011: Updated our store concept.
2012: Started the production of Alumilite with Porland's proprietary special formula.


2014: For the first time in the industry we have categorized our products as collections, a pattern that is complemented with various range of products and materials.
2015: We expanded our global network.
2015: We opened the biggest store in the industry with an area of 2730 square meters in Istanbul Vialand mall.
2017: We opened the industry's first accredited R&D center.
2019: Our efforts for perfection made us receive the GIA Retail Excellence Award.
2019: Our Social media accounts hit 500.000 followers in total.
2020: We proudly opened our 32nd store in the Turkey.

Our Story

Coming from a modest tableware store opened with the desire to beautify living spaces in 1976, we now bring the purest materials to your homes by designing them in the most aesthetic forms as one of the world's best renowned porcelain manufacturers.

In 1984 the brand started its production to meet the increased demand of hospitality and catering industries. We began manufacturing in 1992 and established our first production facility in Gebze, Turkey. In order to meet the increasing domestic and international demand, we made a drastic expansion in 1996 and launched our Bilecik facility.

Currently at Porland we produce approximately 70 million pieces per year, and our production facilities are established on an area of 300 thousand square meters in Bilecik and 10 thousand square meters in Gebze, Turkey. With these combined facilities we serve the needs of our brand, from engineering, visual displays to decal manufacturing, molding and casting.

Porland was proud to be the first porcelain manufactuer to be awarded 10850 Quality Certificate from the T.S.I and the British 8S4043 Quality Certificate. Porland is celebrating 20 years of experience supported and equipped with
up-to-date technologies. Our R&D center, which is the first accredited research and development center of the industry, is the cradle of creativity, innovations, and Porland magic.

If you take notice, our brand logo is a ballerina captured in between 2 toughest moves. We believe art of manufacturing porcelain just like the art of ballet, requires determination, discipline, and devotion. From our perspective a beautifully flowing choreography can be translated as, consistent premium quality in products and service. This approach made it possible for us to achieve great goals such as being the first company to produce colored porcelain, the composer of a proprietary fabulous Alumilite range, and an avid supporter of nature-friendly production techniques. Porland leads porcelain manufacturers in Turkey specializing in environmental issues through our waste management practices. Our vision and mindset has been rewarded with two GIA Awards both for Excellence in Retail and Global Honoree in 2019 that we can proudly share.

We are very proud of our 32 stores reaching over 40 thousand square meters in size. We are touching lives of consumers in more than 30 countries on 4 continents and we proudly present the dance of aesthetics and quality to both hospitality professionals and home tabletop customers with 20 thousand unique pieces to choose from.

Our 1600 devoted employees and our larger family of distributors, partners, influencers, and chefs all share the same perspective, passion, crave for innovation and craftmanship we have demonstrated since 1984.